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Monthly Facility Update

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November 11, 2020

Dear Resident, Family Member, or Legal Representative:

We at Bethany Gardens Skilled Living Center hope this letter finds you well and that you are staying safe. This letter is to provide you with our monthly update on the current Covid-19 pandemic as well as some new developments at Bethany Gardens. As mentioned in previous letters, we continue to take all necessary steps and be proactive to ensure the health and safety of your loved ones. This remains our number one priority. As of this writing we continue to provide & follow these precautionary measures & procedures:

  • All visitors are still restricted from entering the facility (by order of the Governor & New York State) to visit loved ones. Exception(s) include those residents who are at end of life care. If you did not receive one, feel free to reach out with a request to send another. Please make arrangements by contacting our Social Work department to set up visitation. Please note the temperature of every visitor is taken and you will required to wear proper PPE while in the Facility, which staff will provide. PPE must be worn while in the Facility at all times. A paper questionnaire also needs to be filled out by each visitor.

  • All of our staff are “screened” at the time of entry and re-entry to the facility. The temperature of every staff member is taken and a paper questionnaire needs to be filled out by each employee for each shift. All staff-members regardless of department or position, MUST wear face masks at all times. in the event a unit or room is under quarantine Isolation gowns need to be worn as well.

  • The Recreation Department continues to schedule virtual visits (i.e. FaceTime) by resident and/or family requests. Please contact Recreation Director, Mercedes Legler at: (315) 339-3210 x420 to schedule

  • We also continue to have the window visits as per NYS-DOH guidelines. Please contact the Social Services at extension 233. Times available are: Wednesday & Fridays from 9am-4pm. These are for 15-20 minute sessions.

  • Staff continues to get tested for Covid-19 on a weekly basis.

  • As a reminder, please note that effective: 09/24/2020, all New Admissions & Readmissions will need to be quarantined for the first 14 days upon Admission / Re-Admission. Readmissions need to wait 14 days before having an outdoor or window visit. However, Virtual visits can be arranged during this time.

  • As mentioned in the last news-letter, we have set up a separate tab titled COVID-19 on our web page. Please visit to review and check for any new developments or updates. You can now see our Emergency Pandemic Plan as well as updates for Covid-19 cases posted throughout the week.

New Developments:

  • In addition to the window -visits as per NYS-DOH guidelines we currently offer limited indoor visits! The location is in the Main Dining Room on main floor. Please reach out to our staff to schedule an appointment and also to find out what the guidelines / protocols for this are. In addition, all visitors who come for a scheduled indoor visit must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test to present as per the new guidelines in addition to the current hygiene & social distancing guidelines. Please note that the results must be from within seven days of the swabbing or Test-Date. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult and provide a negative Covid-19 test result as well.

  • In addition, all Indoor visits will occur on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. These are up to 30 minute sessions from 10am- 5pm. Please contact the Unit’s Nurse Manager to arrange. Please note the limited indoor visits may be subject to change due to ongoing changes by NYS.

  • Congratulations to Tracy Johnson, Activity Aide, for winning Employee of the Month for October 2020. Our Residents & staff thank her for always going above and beyond!!

  • Just to update everyone, here is the current Nursing Set-up: Russ Angell, RN- Infection Control & Education; Deborah Pannofino, Unit Manager-Unit 2; Deborah Armstrong, RN Unit Manager Unit’s 3 & 4; Natalie Legler, Unit Manager Unit’s 5 & 6.

  • Please see attached Flyer for an exciting announcement!

Despite the ever-changing updates and guidelines, our staff continues to remain dedicated and work hard through this trying time to keep our beloved residents & facility safe. Please also note that due to the national pandemic the chance of the facility encountering a positive COVID-19 case is still possible.

We also want to mention that our Management Team is aware of the some of the current challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic outside of work which may impact the lives of some of our employees. We are here to provide support and will do our utmost to assist in whatever way we can. We also continue to be extremely grateful for your ongoing cooperation, patience, and continued support during this state of emergency and we can’t thank you enough. Should you wish to further discuss concerns which may not have been addressed in this letter, please do not hesitate to contact myself or the Director of Nursing Services, or any of our Management Staff at: (315) 339-3210.

Alan Bash, Administrator